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Each week our staff at ZOLi Contemporary Living and Roche Bobois Denver has news to share with you. From the latest trends in the design industry to our favorite residential installation, to news from Europe, we hope to keep you in the loop.

Our in-house, staff blogger, Corinne Brown, is a published author, editor and writer, and frequent contributor to Architecture & Design of the West, Southwest Art, and Western Art & Design. She hopes you’ll enjoy her particular view of the design world as well as news from our buying trips. Sometimes we’ll offer a manufacturer biography. (After all, real people in France and Italy exist behind this dynamic collection we’re so proud of.) On other occasions, we’ll walk you through our new arrivals and the background of the exciting pieces on our showroom floor.

Sometimes we’ll just look into the past and share some enlightening history on the evolution of a style, an object or whatever seems worth exploring. What we really want to do is bring you a taste of creating a collection like ours.
Life is art.

We’re also here to answer your questions; we hope you’ll join the conversation by writing to us. Tap in as you have time and become part of the family of friends who have built Roche Bobis/International Design. You are some of the most interesting people we know.

Modern is NYC


Just a week ago, my husband and I took off for New York where design and architecture stun at every turn. Modernism as a trend is back, full blown with young interior designers Hyatt Union Squareinterpreting modern classics with bold new freedom. The love affair with line and shape and color-pop have no bounds, as seen in interiors as humble as our chic boutique hotel, the Hyatt Union Square, or taken to new heights in the magnificent new Whitney Museum recently built along the Hudson.Interior Hyatt Union Square
The hotel, Four Star, welcomes the traveler with a dark interior, offset by leather seating, a simple cocktail table, and a lime green leather ottoman, metaphorically representing the Big Apple. (One can only guess.)

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Designer What?


If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve seen enough goods with the word “Designer” tacked on to fill a stadium. We’re talking designer sunglasses, shoes, purses, cell phone cases, athletic wear, and so on, ad infinitum, including contemporary furniture.
For the most part, that “Designer Furniture” collection splashed across magazine pages or showroom floors, named after the latest darling on TV who does over bad interiors for uneducated consumers, means nothing. It seems like anybody whoever hung a towel once can claim they are skilled as an interior designer and take credit for putting together a textile collection, an accessory collection,. or even- yes, a real piece of furniture.

Does anybody out there know what it takes to create a serviceable, trustworthy, piece of furniture that will take the use and abuse it needs to take, and still last for decades?Ora Ito

Most people haven’t got a clue. But in some places in the world, especially Europe, where industrial design serves the architectural, automotive, fashion, jewelry and interior design industries, the creation of a great piece of furniture is an art, conceived and Sacha Lakicmanufactured in one place, not farmed out to a third world country for the cheapest interpretation.

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Walt and Gail


Life is full for empty nesters, especially when you’re free spirits like our clients Walt and Gail, who reside in Boulder, Colorado. KitchenOriginally from the East Coast, they loved living on the eastern seaboard, and head back home often, but Colorado is where two precious grandchildren live, so for the past three years they call the West home too.

When they sold their last house, they let go of most major pieces of furniture with a major estate sale. “They were just too costly to ship,” explained Gail. “We kept all the unusual pieces we’d collected on our travels; especially accessories like fine hand woven rugs and a Chinese screen; things that might be hard to acquire again.”Living room chair

After exploring the local marketplace in search of quality seating and bedroom furnishings, they found their way into our store on County Line Road and felt instantly at home. “We loved the shopping experience,” said Walt. “It’s a thrill to walk through the collection. We really enjoy coming into the store; the European style suits us perfectly.”

One look at their sophisticated, 1800 square-foot condominium attests to that. It’s spare but airy, clean but comfortable. The Dining roomconvenient floor plan separates guest and master bedrooms by a large walk-in great room and a cherry wood kitchen with granite counters. Bright flames in an elevated gas fireplace add warmth and interest to a natural stone, gallery wall. The cozy dining area, illuminated by a skylight, features dramatic lighting, a sleek sideboard, and the perfect pair of fine art prints from our gallery—tying together the fanciful glass-leaf chandelier and color scheme in the rug below; neutrals enriched by peach and coral.

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Caroline and Lars


For all of us here at Roche Bobois-IDC Colorado, it’s always a source of delight to learn how our customers use and live with our products. Kitchen That made us realize that perhaps you’d enjoy sharing in their experiences too; after all, real interiors are so different from our spacious showroom. Join us as we focus on our first highlight: the elegant contemporary residence of a professional couple, Caroline and Lars who recently completed a dramatic makeover. Kitchen

Although they’ve lived in their southeast area, 3000 square foot home for 14 years, they decided it was time for a facelift. With a skilled eye and solid enthusiasm for European contemporary design, they brought the interior to life with refreshed finish materials, a new fireplace design, and select furniture pieces and defining accessories from Roche Bobois – IDC Colorado.

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The Seasonal Imperative


It’s almost spring. You can feel it in the air, see it in the growing light of longer days and delight in the spring fashions heralding summer Italian Art Denveron the pages of every catalogue. Contemporary life is like that—always a season ahead, tempting us for the future, instead of being in the now. No matter; it’s fun to dream about what’s coming, especially when home decorating Spring Flowersis involved. Just think about it—our way of life and our products have always been a match made in heaven, a modern day love story.
Like me, I imagine you’re readying your rooms for open windows and cut flowers on the kitchen table. Personally, I crave daffodil yellow,the pale lilac and clean white of Dutch tulips and the fresh pastels of jonquils as they peep through late spring snow.

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