Modern VS. Contemporary

October 19, 2017

Mies Vander Rohe, Wassily Kandinsky, Isamu Noguchi. Do these names have anything in common?

Isamu Noguchi Table

            You bet they do. Each one can be remembered by their unique furniture designs that helped shape and define an era. "Modernism," also known as Mid-Century, or Post-War Modern.

            For every one of us who loves the lean, spacious and inviting effect of a modernist interior, it might help to know that there's actually a difference in

Matera Table

definition between the terms contemporary and modern. To the average Joe, they might seem to be the same idea, but in fact, in the furniture world, they're not at all.  Contemporary design is all about the present; the ever-evolving moment,

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Welcome to ZOLi Contemporary Living!

September 11, 2017


Yes, you're at the right site.

            Looks different? Stay put. We used to have a different name.

            It's been a long road home but that's just how it feels as we return to our roots and welcome old and new customers to our invigorated, newly branded collection, ZOLi Contemporary Living.  Not that we really went anywhere; we've simply ended a long time relationship with a European brand. They left. We're still here.

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Blog, News & Events

August 22, 2017

Each week our staff at ZOLi Contemporary Living has news to share with you. From the latest trends in the design industry to our favorite residential installation, to news from Europe or simply down the street, we hope to keep you in the loop.

Our in-house staff blogger, Corinne Joy Brown, is an award-winning published author, editor and writer, and frequent contributor to Architecture & Design of the West, Southwest Art, and Western Art & Design.

She's also a trained interior designer with 30 years of experience. She hopes you’ll enjoy her particular view of the design world, as well as news from our buying trips and in-store events. Sometimes we’ll offer a manufacturer's biography; on other occasions, we’ll walk you through our new arrivals and the background of the exciting pieces on our showroom floor.

Sometimes we’ll just look into the past and share some enlightening history on the evolution of a style, an object, or whatever seems worth exploring. We’re also here to answer your questions. We hope you’ll join the conversation by writing to us.

Drop in as you have time and become part of the family of friends who have built Zoli Contemporary Living, formerly Roche Bobois/International Design.  We'd love to hear from you.

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