Color Pop!

March 19, 2024


This eye-catching living room proves what can happen when combining imagination and courage with color— an environment that never stops emitting warmth and good vibrations! With furnishings and a color-scheme based on chromatic opposites, the owners of this contemporary home have created an interior layout strong enough to hold the viewer’s interest at eye level and keep it moving, even in a lofty, double-volume space.

Kudos to our sophisticated customers who each had different perspectives but also a keen vision of the eventual goal. They not only followed their instincts but, with the help of our resident designer Gail who listened to their ideas, and other members of team ZOLi who helped guide the final selections, they were able to customize exactly what they had envisioned to glorious success.

The result proves that a room wrapped in neutral gray surface materials can comfortably house vibrant


jewel tones and balance the energy with a soothing calm. Understandably, what’s on the ceiling is paramount and the spectacular multi-colored glass chandelier adds drama, focus and interest, adding bold fantasy above while offsetting other focal points.

The overall sense of space is enhanced by the red sectional and punctuated by the sculptural Blossom chairs in orange and purple, each set off by a cowhide rug dyed in complimentary colors. A functional and sculptural glass coffee table stays out of the equation, minimizing visual clutter. Overall, it’s a timeless and classy solution, a room that invites and delights the senses.

Zoli Contemporary Living has unique resources and the collaborative talent to share your vision, customize it, and bring it to life. Our collection is distinctive and unique and, after nearly fifty years in business, still run our business like a family; we care and we listen.

Note: All items except the lighting and cowhide rugs from the gallery of Zoli Contemporary Living!

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