The Mystery of Color Palettes

April 21, 2021

A recent press release from Benjamin Moore, the paint industry giant, got me thinking about how consumers are influenced in the


contemporary home furnishings market. It's done, in short, by changing colors and styles of furniture so that previous choices seem outdated or old-fashioned. For those of us in the


field of home design and interiors, we actually look to the consumer for inspiration, and in a sense, work backwards. Street wear, pop-culture, music, even food, influences the trends that translate into something we can see, touch and feel. The folks at Benjamin Moore look at a range of design influences like furniture, lighting, fabrics, home accessories and more for their annual selection—and then consider the relationship that paint and color has to each of them. Next, they incorporate art, from contemporary to classic, to help us see color pairings in a fresh, new light. Seeing how artists use color always energizes and inspires. Fashion, ever-changing, and consistently informed by color, is an expression of personality and style reflecting the moment. Environment too, factors in, since every setting offers its own unique natural landscape, distinct color palette and architectural traditions. Finally culture in general, including social trends, consumer sentiments, economics, and lifestyles affect the annual color palette selection

This year's palette has some wonderful opposites, that is lights and darks, that balance any interior in complementary ways. Their color



of the year "Agean Teal", a beautiful blue-green, cools off with a wonderful minty grey; a rich, plummy raisin looks dramatic against a neutral bronze, a creamy white glows against a pale sand, an exotic goldenrod enriches a red cinnabar, and a pearly taupe looks so sophisticated next to a deep charcoal black. These are colors which are rich and subdued, full of drama and nuance. Use them on the wall, underfoot, or in your furnishings. Enjoy them all.

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