March 16, 2021


It doesn't take much to get our wheels turning, especially when a customer calls and says "I am looking for something BOLD for my modern furniture


collection." (The capital letters are ours.) But how could they not be when we're talking about European contemporary home furnishings, simply one of the most fashionable, exciting categories of furniture product around.

What does bold man to you? Or better — to us?

We look for innovation, big ideas, new perspectives in the design of a product meant to be used for years. We don't care if it's wood, glass, stone or leather, it must integrate all its parts and be so well done it appears to have sprung fully formed from the hand of the designer. That's no easy feat. Junk piles everywhere are full of sagging couches, broken tables, and a myriad of cheap assemblies called furniture that are merely particle-board tinker-toys. The industry calls it "borax." A cheap commodity.


Good furniture making is an art. If you've never seen the many videos


taken inside our suppliers' factories, you can't even imagine the high-tech machinery, skilled artisans, and craftsmen and women who pull all the pieces together. It makes us proud just to think of it. These videos are on view throughout the store. All of them translate into bold-- and bold is beautiful. With new containers coming in one after the other this spring, we are thrilled to see these new designs on our showroom floor. You will be too.

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