Don't forget the furniture makes the room.

April 06, 2024


Just the other day I watched a program on home remodeling on HGTV. The interior designers, a husband and wife, renovated a vintage midtown building into a modern living space. The upper story had once been a theater and recreation area with gym-like floors; a retail store filled the street level. They did a stunning job of space-planning to create a livable loft but when it came to the furniture, they cut corners by having two eight-foot sofas custom built. These were essentially two, wooden, coffin-like shells filled with segmented seat and back pillows in a white, nubby fabric. They looked chic and streamlined, but I can’t even imagine how uncomfortable they were. Nothing more than benches really. Making furniture is an art. Making furniture that’s comfortable and lasts is a matter of good design and special technology.

Few people realize what goes into a quality product that’s made out of quality materials. With a budget

Sofa-Picture_240406_124024.PNG#asset:5682well over a quarter million dollars, it saddened me to see that the loft owner’s investment went into cabinetry, drywall and construction, but the furniture left a lot to be desired.

After almost 50 years in this business, we’ve seen a lot of product come and go. I have an appreciation for things that last. We don’t buy lightly; we want you to be satisfied for as long as you care to live with your purchase. I guess that’s why we’re still here. The name has changed over the years, but the ownership and philosophy hasn’t. We’re paving the way for the next 25 at least. Come in and see what makes ZOLi tick!

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