Time for Buying

May 07, 2022


With spring weather all around and new leaves on the trees, brisk winds and warm sun, some of us here at ZOLi Contemporary Living are getting ready for the annual spring


trek to Europe where great furniture is born. Tony Jennings and Mr. Brown are starting to pack for their annual pilgrimage to Italy and the world’s largest contemporary home furnishings trade fair, the “Salone del Mobile” in Milan, Italy!

These two furniture pros actually travel halfway around the world to see the latest and most beautiful furniture, rugs, glass art, textiles, lighting and accessories to fill our galleries. They don’t just stay in Milan either, but travel to factories to see how things are made. It’s actually more of pilgrimage than a trip, a time when all their senses are focused on the best, the brightest and the most beautiful items in every category.


Mr. Brown has been making this trip since 1975 and never tires of the excitement, the possibilities, the new ideas and the exciting products he


knows are waiting for us. The many manufactures we trust and do business with are like old friends. Both sides have mutual appreciation for these special relationships, developed with confidence over the years.

We bring not only the products, but design news to you as well, letting you in on the latest trends and evolution in the art of living. Each year a new generation of creative designers comes to test their ideas and show off their ingenuity. It seems that the young are always at the forefront of change and innovation. Trust that our team will be looking for the finest additions to your home and lifestyle. We can hardly wait for the fall containers to bring you what they’ve found.

Stay with us. By summer’s end, we’ll be treating you to a taste of luxury living, Italian style!

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