Denver's Top Collection of All Things Modern

June 25, 2020


If you love contemporary design and all things that link to modernism, log onto the Kirkland Museum site and look at their current virtual tour of 100 items from their vast collection of over 4000 paintings, sculptures ceramics and furniture items by iconic artists and designers. The Kirkland is more than museum of decorative art; it's a bridge between the functional and the decorative,


between those things we need and those we love. In addition, it has an impressive collection of Colorado regional art, one that grows year by year. Vance Kirkland, (1926-1981) became the first director of the art department at

Denver University and had a deep understanding of the changes happening in the world of art. He was a painter himself who created


ground-breaking paintings in a range of styles from his Denver studio. He was intrigued by the mystery of the cosmos and found a unique technique to capture a sense of the expanding universe.

Kirkland was a passionate collector and saw the manifestations of new thinking and new materials in the abundance of furniture products that came out of the mid-twentieth century. Some became known as "classics", regenerated every decade to a new audience of adoring


collectors. Others have faded into oblivion, or are preserved as markers of time in museums like this one.

As in nature, everything is connected. Art and design are tied to the times, to the pulse of our society, and to the need to acclimate to the mood of the era. As someone who has been in the "collector's seat for over 40 years, making sure that our furniture collection in our galleries serves the needs of our community, I can appreciate how special the Kirkland's offering truly is. Don't miss it.


Take yourself on a virtual tour and enjoy!

Denver’s premiere European imported modern furniture gallery serving the Front Range for over 40 years!