Here It Comes Again…

January 05, 2024


Design, like fashion, rolls around from yesterday to today, with recurring


themes in furniture and color. Modern ideas are loosely based on previous ones from the past, making everything vintage seem new again. All you have to do is look at the new pantone color of the year, an earthy nugget of a color called “Peach Fuzz.” Think adobe or terra cotta in another era—Whatever you call it, it’s an earth tone that pairs nicely with brown and gray, plus accents of green and rust.

Brown is the big news out of New York’s Design Center- in cabinetry, case goods and furniture. It’s paired with pinks and olive greens. If you’re old enough to remember, then I can ask the reader “Can the 70s be far behind? “


For the curious, here are a few of the other forecast trends for the coming year:

1) Personalization-as in uber-eclectic. Whatever you like goes. Mix periods and styles. Express yourself.

2) Seek edgy color combos, especially anything with chartreuse or pistachio green; it’s the darling of the accent colors, just stay away from acid or neon versions.

3) A rejection of smart home technology—a return to knobs, buttons, switches and toggles. High tech in the kitchen and bath appear to leave people cold.

4)Three-D or sculptural art. Anything but more two-D art framed on the wall.

5) Murals—find your favorite artist and add some imagery in places you’d least expect. Soften those hard edges with wall paintings you love. Like a Roman villa, make your home memorable with a fresco or two.

6) Soft landing places, like more inviting living rooms with a subdued low key mood based on earth tone palettes and comfortable furniture with heavily textured fabrics.

Whatever your taste, let us help you. That’s why we’re here.

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