Defined by How We Live?

February 06, 2018

How do humans define themselves? Outwardly, that is? That's the question pop-culture mavins have been asking for decades. It's what drives the fashion, furniture, and home furnishings industry around the clock. Personally, I like to think of us Americans as either traditionalists or rule breakers; the latter referring to those of us who love change, and new designs, as well as modern and Pistioa Table from ZOLi Contemporary Living

contemporary furniture.

Wherever your tastes fall, one can only wonder how the consumer chooses from all the options  offered today from various dealers of modern and contemporary goods, and all those other guys who sell absolutely everything, every style, every era.  So much to look at, so many choices. It's dazzling. It's precisely why we specialize, and strive to sell only the most beautiful and the very best created by contemporary designers in EuropeALVOR Bed By ZOLi Contemporary Living

redefining the way we live now.

 Fashion is a fickle thing; it evolves. But some things stay true, like proper proportion, line and good design. Over the decades we've come to admire the masters who create the things with staying power; furniture that somehow never goes out of style.  Museums are full of them. They're there for a reason. And it's why we've curated a collection that we think reflects those values and why we've invested in a brick and mortar location to allow the consumer to experience the same things for themselves.  A place to wander, muse and dream.


Nothing like your five senses can tell you what you're buying. Products you can see, touch and feel, even sit in. If you come to our gallery, the world is at your fingertips. Products with a story. You can also receive great advice from our design team if you desire. At least, we can get the conversation going.

If you're a modernist and wondering what says "You" the best; what kind of furniture suits your lifestyle, your tastes, your budget, and fulfills your dreams, we've been there. Let us help you define that visual statement and make it your own.  Come. Be our guest.

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