Color of the New Year!

January 03, 2020

With the new year, 2020, come so many fresh ideas and inspirations related to our modern world. Many of us respond viscerally to our very surroundings. If our furniture could speak, it might say "make me new again." And we're listening. It's as if spring can hardly wait to come bursting into our lives, full of color and spirit.  


It's no coincidence that the paint companies announce a new color of the year each January, as if last year's color wasn't fashionable anymore, or didn't reflect our current mood any longer. Perhaps they know more than we do. In our fast-moving contemporary life, filled with anxiety, danger, and often violence, the message might be to create a safe haven, a quiet peaceful retreat.

Whatever the reason, it's another prompt to re-think and recolor our interiors. Paint-brand giant Benjamin Moore announced its all-important color,


"First Light," a pale, rosy-hued, peach tinted pastel, a whisper of a color that evokes early dawn and good things to come. Its supporting palette of equally subdued hues is reminiscent of that dawn in full bloom--fragile, soft greys, whites, blues and greens that barely breathe on our walls, but spell tranquility in any setting.

These quiet tones create a perfect stage for subtle neutrals in leather like rich shades of grey and taupe, or heathered, tweedy fabrics to complete the picture, all enlivened by rich colorful abstract rugs on the floor adding strength and excitement. That's how we see the perfect retreat. Quiet energy. But you might have another vision.

Let's share the vision and make it real. Come see what's new at ZOLI Contemporary Living and add something new and colorful to your world.

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