November 19, 2020

We just heard the news that the new color for 2021 from Benjamin Moore is something modern color marketers call "Agean Green",

images-green-walls.jpg#asset:4540a lovely shade of blue-green subdued almost to a neutral. The ever-changing furniture industry is ripe with shifting trends designed to

2136-40.png#asset:4539attract new buyers and different age groups. Color schemes are just one way of doing so. Evoking a predominant color and applying it to contemporary fabrics, accessories and wall paint is one sure way to stimulate change

and interest, every single year! (Note: historic properties rely on established color schemes. No point changing those.) For pure staying power, as a design consultant I always like to stick with neutrals and set them off with bold accents. But I have to say this coming year's color caught my attention because I have been using it for

years. It's been one of my favorite shades for carpeting. I've used it for interior finishes as well, from paint to tile to wall covering. It's positively stunning with black, with yellow, with dark, rich brown and with silver. It glows against white, looks rich with burgundy or scarlet, and holds its own when paired with other deeper greens like spruce and emerald.


Here at ZOLi, we think you couldn't go wrong surrounding yourself with Aegean Green on the walls and adding a white or black leather sectional, or covering the floor with one of our, multi-colored area rugs that might repeat the color therein. You could add a pop of red or deep amethyst and make heads turn.

If you love this color too and want some advice as to how to work it into your interior, just ask. We'd be glad to help.

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