Colors of the Year 2019

February 11, 2019

According to the color pundits, 2019 is the year of  bold, saturated  color. As always, the latest color selections are a reflection of the country's outlook on life, the economy, and a mirror of our optimism, or lack of it.  Based on the latest reports,  things are looking up.

That said, why not see if you can deduct what was on the minds of these major tastemakers as they came up with the following decisions.:


Note- not to be off-trend, we are proud to say all these colors can be seen in the home furnishings and accessories in our showroom, right now!

Let's start with the neutral favored by Benjamin Moore, a lovely shade called Metropolitan AF-690. A rich chalky, grey, it's close to the color on all the perimeter walls here in the showroom.  Shown below, see it woven into this colorful rug. It looks great with black and white, primaries or jewel tones too.   

Sherwin Williams, another giant in the industry, likes the trendsetting Cavern Clay, a rich, soft, earthy spice tone that


looks great with cream and gray, blues and tans, and stunning with black.

The Behr paint company, supplier to US and Canadian home interiors and exteriors, favors a classic shade of blue they call Blueprint S470-5.  Here's a vintage blue that's almost a neutral; fabulous


with navy or spruce green, wild with lime, chic with coral and taupe. It can go country or urban- it's up to you.

PPG, another industry giant, likes the emerald green depths of Nightwatch PPG-1457, a soothing, atmospheric, dark green that feels rich and luxurious.


 It comes to life with yellow, lavender, black and white, almost whatever your heart desires.

The message behind all these trending shades might be hidden behind their brilliant possibilities, from warm to cool, from vibrant to more subdued. We know they'll be sure to show up in upholstery colors, accessories and of course, wall colors, as well.  Your job is to find the timeless solutions in furnishings that survive the trends.  Ours is to help you make it work, and show you the way,

Or we can help you be a trendsetter yourself as you put them together your way!

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