Good bye 2020

January 09, 2021

Goodbye 2020 and good riddance. It's a new year and time to look ahead, think fresh contemporary thoughts and try not to linger in the


past. Remember those who dare not be forgotten, but forge ahead with a sense of purpose.

Do you ever look around and see your life in new terms? The trappings, furniture and objects that manifest who we are? Does that experience prompt a feeling of change? It


can and should. Due to COVID, even if we still cannot go anywhere, we can at least move things around. Have a new view. Most of us live in spaces that are familiar and personal. We work hard at arriving at a sense of balance and style. Sometimes however, we outgrow our spaces


without even realizing it. Nothing works anymore. Time to take another look.

Change is hard. But if you dare shake things up, that is, rearrange the art on the walls, mix styles or


periods , or even just reduce the clutter, it awakens something within us. We make a shift and new options occur.

Imagine a new shade on the walls, a new floor covering, a different arrangement of seating and tables. In short, re-imagine the space you're in. The effect might surprise you! If you need some inspiration, have a walk through our galleries and note what's new, novel or daring. We strive to be all those things and more. Brainstorm with us. We'd love to help.

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