If you thought a vase was something to put flowers, think again. That was yesterday. A vase is a symbolic container, a vessel filled with air to start, and only later, with water, in some cases. But always, a nod to the future. A vase is a sculpture about hope, often made by hand, sometimes cast, and made in multiples. It has form and shape and texture and is in some ways, the ultimate accessory. If one is good, two is better. Three, triumphant. Vases are collectible. We kid you not. Museums are filled with vases from past eras representing stylistic trends, ideas about life in general. A vase can be a billboard of our culture. We like them because they ground a table or shelf. They add weight and color. They often suggest femininity since many are curvaceous forms. Then again, some are not. Some are abrupt and geometric, stern and stoic, like a bad conscience, or an Ingmar Bergman film. OK, maybe we're getting carried away.

 In essence, vases are the next best thing to bowls, also a receptacle full of portent promise, of good things to come, like crisp, fall apples, holiday ornaments, bon-bons or Easter eggs. Oh heck. Accessories like these are the details that bring a room to life. Just try them. We try to have the most unique examples anywhere.

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