Do you hear the beat of the jazz trio playing in the opposite corner of the room?

They are inspired by the hip, urban mood of this totally modern, stripped down version of a leather sectional, just two chic platforms, (one three-seat and one two seat) embraced at an intersection. Head support is either vertical or horizontal. Wild, patterned pillows are up to you. Note the lumbar support, and the fun end-cushion, artfully tilted for your arm's ideal angle. Simple black slab, wooden legs add to the mix.

If golden-amber leather isn't your favorite, imagine this in black or red. Maybe white? You can have it your way; it just takes some time. Meanwhile, the comfort and beauty are not compromised by the minimal design, rather, enhanced by it. Be cool. Put on some Brubeck or Butler. Invite Monica over and see how she changes things up.

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