Sofas and Sectionals

When comfort means more than style and style means more than price, come to ZOLi Contemporary Living to find timeless investments in luxury seating solutions; outstanding choices in modern sofas, contemporary sectionals and easy chairs, all made by people who know something about design. Modern or contemporary, we’ve got what it takes to make a family or living room welcome you home.

Reflecting the latest in color, fabric and style trends, there’s a reason why our seating collection surpasses the rest. Start with seasoned hardwood frames, sculpted sides and backs, European-style web seat systems, superior upholstery in designer fabrics and/or sumptuous leathers, and finally - details both elegant and eye-catching.

Many seating groups are made exactly to our specifications. We know where comfort begins and ends- height, depth, resilience, firmness, softness - all elements that must be placed correctly and in balance. There's never room for error and we always get it right. If not, it never sees our showroom floor.

We're clearly ahead of the trends as well; our selections are designed to go the distance; truly composites of quality and good taste. In the end, however, you are in charge. You can put together the fabric, unit shape, and color combination of your dreams if you so choose, and make a statement that's uniquely your own. We're glad to guide you every step of the way.

In short, there's a reason why we're still in business after 40 years. Our seating collection helped get us here. Come in and see why.


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