Take your shoes off. Go ahead. Run barefoot through any rug in the store. You may also lie down if you choose. (Clothing required.) No one is looking. This is what we call the rug test. It's designed to bring you up close and personal with any area rug we have, just to prove their softness, beautifully sheared surfaces, and dense pile. In addition to all this, remember that contemporary area rugs bring art to any room, be it on a hard surface like wood or tile, or over your wall-to-wall carpet. We're talking incredible saturated color and lustrous texture here, plus superb abstract designs. We're especially proud of our current collection, hand-loomed for us in the finest 100% wool or silk, or a combination of both, on the other side of the world. Vibrant, original designs have been created in-house or provided to us by our fabrication team abroad.  After so much time, thank goodness, they really know what we like. (We've trained them well.) No two rugs are in any way alike yet  they somehow have a signature style that lets you know they came from our collection. Zoli Contemporary Living. From people who like pop and jazz, subtlety and pzazz, Mexican food,  a cold beer and French wine. That's us. Oh, and bare feet. Fine rugs from Zoli Contemporary Living should, with care, last a lifetime

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