Original Art work

Collecting art is such a personal thing. But bare walls beg for images, so you have to do it. You graduate from posters to photos and then one day- you buy a painting. Something comes over you and you cannot help but fall in love with an image, a technique, a color story. It changes the world you live in. For years we resisted procuring art from studios created to serve the public need, (it seemed so commercial) where often, starving artists perfected their talent. (Yes, they have these in Italy, too!) But we finally gave in with no regrets, and for the last few years, have been importing wonderful originals from a collective arts workshop near the northern Alps that consistently comes up with some of the freshest paintings ever. These are painted on real canvas, in oil or acrylic, many signed and framed. Who knows? You might be looking at a Picasso of tomorrow. For now, we are proud to show these throughout the store and are hopeful you'll love them too.  (So far so good.) New images arriving seasonally.  

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