Murano Glass

Glass is the manifestation of breath. It is nature's own homage to living. From molten sand comes a myriad of shapes, all blown into life by a master glassmaker. Ah, the wonder of it. And nowhere in the world is it better understood than in Murano, Italy, near Venice, where for centuries since the Roman times, glassblowers have been creating the most exquisite glassware, serving ware, and decorative art.  Now it's our turn. We actually go to Murano and hand-select the glass sculptures we think will please our customers the most. Fanciful animals, abstract heads and faces, lovers, sailboats, birds; some sculptures with gold foil inside, others filled with bubbles, all by design.  Each of these creations are overseen by the maestro himself, the presiding master of the studio who guides the other artists in technique and aesthetics. Every piece is signed. To own one of these is to own a work of contemporary art, only to become more valuable over time. Please be sure to look at our collection. Be moved by it. We hope it makes you smile or laugh. These sculptures are a joy to behold and even more fun to live with.

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