Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Our cuckoo clocks have one thing in common: they tell time. And their cuckoos sing in harmony, appearing on schedule at the top of the hour when they do!. Beyond that, the sky is the limit when it comes to innovative, fun, creative off (and on )-the-wall design! Not your grandmother's cuckoo clocks!

If our collection doesn't make you smile, nothing will. Colorful, bold, and highly original, these time-tellers hail from Italy where good design is a way of life. Italian home accessories add zest and life to any interior--la dolce vita!

In a world where time has been reduced to digital displays on a phone, we'll take you back to an era when the sound of a cuckoo was the sign of status in Europe's best homes. Call us "old school" but we're determined to put the pizzazz back into clockworks.

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