Dining Chairs & Bar Stools

King Arthur ordered the first matched set of chairs for the Knights of the Round Table. (Or so it is said.) Equality for one and all. Imagine the impact that made, way back then, when every previous piece of furniture had been bench built, no two exactly alike. What vision. What foresight. Following his lead, the world has never been the same! 

High-back, mid-back or low-back, ZOLi is the place for European-manufactured dining chairs, in fabric or leather, with lacquered, metal, or natural wood frames. It turns out that people who dine need chairs that make all this possible; good chairs, that allow for friendly conversation and moments of relaxation. It's as fundamental as food itself. They need sturdy chairs that won't break when you lean forward to inhale the scent of a rib roast, or backward to savor the completed dining experience. Matching chairs are naturally available in sets of six, with or without armchairs, or individually, if that's all you need. Maybe two, to start? Four for a growing family. Twelve? Fourteen even?  Thank King Arthur occasionally on National Chair Day for this established order. Meanwhile, let us know your requirements and we'll do our best to accommodate them.

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