Fall is in the Air

September 12, 2023


Once the nights begin to cool down it’s so easy to begin entertaining inside. Somehow the comforts of home, our most loved furnishings, and the very design of life call us in a different way in the Fall. It’s the time for reconnecting with all we hold dear; a time to cozy up and enjoy the celebrations of the season, the richness and bounty of the harvest.

For some of us it’s also about the simplicity of living well. Really, we don’t need much. Once we do get rid of the clutter, it’s remarkable how we can live more freely and feel better too. Opening up space is like that; the less we are buried with the unnecessary, the more we can expand spiritually. Spaces are what we make of them. Personally, I love the space around beautiful things. I like to see their profiles and their lines. Good furniture requires space to be appreciated. Maybe that’s what makes contemporary design so exciting; it’s more about creating space than filling it.

After 30 years in the field, I have learned that every place we are in affects the way we think and feel. I’ve seen transformations in mood and relationships after spaces have been reconfigured and colors have changed. We humans are susceptible to the environment we live in, therefore, why not make the most of it, whatever that means to you. This Fall, take look at where you live and how you live. Does it make you happy? If not, what can you change? If you need some inspiration, drop by and see what an hour in our store feels like. We hope it raises your happiness index just a little. We’d love to see you!

The ZOLI Team

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