About Us

ZOLi Contemporary Living and Roche Bobois is the metro area's main source for Italian modern furniture in Denver, providing quality choices in home furnishings that suit our Colorado lifestyle. Originally at home in Cherry Creek north since 1976, our collection of furniture has evolved with the times, just as Denver has. Now, in our permanent home in Littleton and our very own spacious gallery, we continue to serve customers throughout the city and the state, still searching for the best European designs at affordable prices.

Great style has no limits and no locale. Whether you're at home in town, in the suburbs or the Rocky Mountains, we have the finest in contemporary furniture for you. For over thirty years, Coloradoans have found the perfect solutions at ZOLi for every room in the house. Livable contemporary designs imported from Italian and European manufacturers with the highest standards offering beauty, comfort and value. Nearly 30,000 square feet of presentation space and always plenty of parking, six days a week. Sundays by appointment.

Corinne Joy Brown

Corinne Joy Brown looks back on 30+ years in the design industry. With a BA in Fine Art and a BID in Interior Design, she’s been an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers for over two decades, as well as an Industry Partner. She knows what’s like to both need product and provide it. In addition to working on residential and commercial design projects, she also writes about design for a number of shelter magazines including Architecture & Design of the West and Western Art & Architecture.

“What I love most about the business is the people; the opportunity to enter their lives, help find a solution to a problem, and make their lives more beautiful. Heading to Europe twice a year to buy the top designs in the world isn’t too bad either. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.”

Abraham John Brown

Avi, as he known to most of us, has been a dedicated home furnishings retailer for 35 years. The store is his creative passion and filling it with sale-able, relevant goods, his purpose, European born, he’s the master of five languages and travels regularly to various parts of the world. Building his own building here in Littleton was a dream come true, housing a collection that reflects his unique understanding of the evolution of design. He’s here, most always six days a week.

Tony Jennings

A veteran of corporate retail merchandising, Tony, the general manager at RB-IDC, knows exactly what it takes to fill a showroom, manage the computers, maintain a warehouse, and serve customers. He’s up to the minute on sales tools and social media, making him the ideal “go to“ guy for a myriad of issues related to the import design business.

Robert Hernandez

Meet Robert, the one member of our crew who not only knows what he’s selling, how it operates, and how much it costs, but how it goes together as well. Trained over years of assisting with deliveries to the finest addresses in town, Robert graduated to full time management in charge of the warehouse and delivery, much the same as he did when he ran his own delivery business years earlier subcontracting for select designers and furniture stores.
A graduate of a community college program in law enforcement in the Nineties, Robert maintains the same commitments as his peers on the force; loyalty, punctuality, respect for others and a love of people. During the latter years, working for the design trade, he also developed a keen eye for placement, balance, and the power of color to shape a space.
When we discovered his hidden talents, it wasn’t long before he moved into sales, a natural playing field for a person this versatile. Being bilingual doesn’t hurt either. Born in San Antonio Texas, Robert speaks fluent Spanish. Que bueno!
Active, agile, and a devotee of sports, Robert finds time for his family of three sons and his beautiful wife who is also his dancing partner. Cordial and welcoming, let Robert help you find it, put it in the right place, and enjoy it, seamlessly

Gail Frances

Gail Frances brings years of experience in various fields ranging from public administration to financial planning. With a big heart and a huge commitment to non-profits, she’s been a longtime volunteer for organizations like the National Sports Center for the Disabled, Boulder County Safehouse, and Head Start, all of which is to say that Gail puts people first. Her personal passions include hiking the back country, public affairs, reading and the arts.

Gail holds an MPA from the University of Colorado, was a contributing writer to ICOSA magazine, and has worked for the Bulova watch company. She has a natural instinct for design and the visual arts, and understands the challenges of three-dimensional design. How people live and what it takes to get more out of life defines her approach to sales and interior design. Gail’s natural sense of style and chic leads the way in all of her design decisions. She’s what they call “a natural” and, as an addition to our team, a very quick study. Let Gail show you what counts at RB-IDC and why.

Daniel Kopnisky

Returning after a several year stint perfecting his craft, Daniel originally honed his keen sense of interior design in our Cherry Creek store. Equipped with an uncanny eye for color, a unique sensitivity to scale and context, his design skills are simply exceptional. He’s a proven master of accessorization and display. He’s also our in-house fashionista who dresses with style and flash and brings a “joie de vivre” that’s contagious.